Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy 1

Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy 1 Array is a renewable energy development off the west coast of Ireland.
We support national plans to reduce carbon emissions and replace our dependency on fossil fuels with clean and green energy sources.

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About us

We are a forward thinking, innovative company who aim to utilise our partnership capacity within this industry to unlock Ireland’s offshore wind potential.

Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy 1 Array is primarily focused on delivering projects on a scale which support the global push to reach net-zero.

Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy 1 is an Irish owned project, ensuring we can strengthen the resilience of Ireland’s clean, renewable energy resources. This unerring focus into the future will challenge society’s key environmental concerns in a bid to develop a greater world for all.

The Project

Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy 1 Array is preparing to investigate the feasibility of developing an offshore wind farm off the coast of Mayo/Galway. To carry out the necessary survey work, we have submitted a Foreshore Investigatory Licence Application and supporting documentation to the Marine Planning and Foreshore Section of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. This licence, if granted, will last for 5 years.

About the Overall Project

The Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy 1 Array contains floating wind turbines located off the west coast of Ireland, predominantly off of County Mayo, and to a lesser extent, Galway. There will be c. 500 turbines in the overall turbine array.

The project consists of potential development areas located within the 12NM limit and outside, resulting in two phases of development. The size of the proposed developments within 12 NM is c. 141 km2 with an expected megawatt output of c. 600 MW. The size of future development sites, outside 12 NM will be c. 1,130 km2 with an expected megawatt output of c. 4,400 MW. The overall size of the Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy 1’s turbine array is expected to be c. 1,271 km2.

Planning Stage

This project is currently in the planning stages and is, therefore, subject to change. The application for a Foreshore Investigatory Licence is not a development application. If granted, this licence will allow the project team to further refine the site choice and to carry out surveys considered necessary to properly assess the viability of the project across a spectrum of technical, environmental, social, and economic factors.

The extent of the total area (“the investigation area”) within which surveys are to be conducted is 363 km2. This area is appropriately described as the “investigation area” because it is the area within which Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy 1 seeks to conduct all investigations appropriate for developing a wind farm proposal. The investigation area is not to be taken to be, or to represent, any actual wind farm site, and it must be understood that no structural development of any nature will take place at this stage of the Project.